Comparison Between different Data Integration Technologies

By | January 19, 2010

I was tasked to investigate infromation regarding different Data Integration Application that our company can use, we have a myriad of applications that are running around our enterprise which we need to synchronize data to and from different systems, from Sales Force, Solomon, SQL Server and even small CRM Applcations such as GoldMine and Raiser Edge. We had chosen 5 products to use which are Boomi, Cast Iron, Pervasive, Biz Talk and Orions Rhapsody (we need to include this as we are from the health sector). By searching information in the net as well as communications with vendors via Phone, emails and on site Demonstration, here is the comparison matrix that I wanted to share. Some of the blank ones I have to leave as they we are unsure of the answer, I cannot assure that the information here is 100% correct as it is also sourced out elsewhere as mentioned, so if you have some concerns just leave a comment and we can further investigate. Click on the following images to view the full matrix comparison. The comparison comprises of information regarding the Cost, Product and Company Profile, Technology and Development concerns on our end.

Here are the links where I got the information from E4eusgPI3rH7Bw&usg=AFQjCNGAidneqduC0pmxeeeG2cRfH15FjQ&sig2=hTYmxkW7LpGvEy8usPxEuw

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  1. Nathan

    Hi Raymund, did you look at Jitterbit ( It’s an open source data integration tool, I have heard some good things about it, although I haven’t used it myself..


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