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By | January 19, 2010

My new years resolution is to have a blog related to Software Technology which talks about what I am doing at my work and outside of it. I am doing this to share some valuable experiences to those who might be needing and reading this and as well as associate my name to Software Development more rather than Photography. Because if you google “Raymund Macaalay” it shows all my photography stuff which is my hobby.


2 thoughts on “My new post!

  1. Yanze

    Hi Sir, thanks for your blog. I’m learning a lot. May I ask if you do consultant services particularly in SSRS: Proper setup, Report Optimization, Rendering Troubleshooting, Report Connection Troubleshooting, Best practices, and everything about SSRS? By the way Sir, are you from Philippines?

    1. Raymund Macaalay Post author

      You’re much welcome. While my profession is development I dont do consultancy services and am fully employed in an office. Having said that if you need advise on SSRS I might be able to give you some. And yes I am originally from the Philippines but I reside in New Zealand at the moment.


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