Presenting TOGAF

By | February 26, 2010

Today I had presented TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework to our Technical Team, it will be a good introduction for them to understand Enterprise Architecture better as we are now implementing Architecture throughout our organization.

So why do Enterprise Architecture? A lot of reasons one is having a very efficient IT Operation, imagine you need something changed in your application lets say a field on a database table what would be the best way to know what applications will be affected by the change? Normally you just refer to people who know the application or if lucky you read through a good 100 page documentation. With EA combined with proper tools like Troux Architect its just a click of a mouse and magic you see all the dependencies (yeah you have t start creating relationships first and populate the repository either manual or automated).

Like this

Troux Architect

Another good reason will be reduced risk on future investments and better return on existing investment, faster cheaper and simpler procurement, the list goes on and on.  So to prevent lengthening this post here is the gallery of the slide show I presented.


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  1. Tyler Diaz

    You have shared very useful information. It has added a lot to my knowledge. Thanks!!


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