By | April 12, 2010

This might be the last time I will post something regarding TOGAF as I will be changing job functions soon and moving towards Data and Systems Integration.  This is one of the last slides I had presented in our office for those who wants to learn Enterprise Architecture in our organization that includes me as well, most of the material that I presented regarding TOGAF was derieved from the site OpenGroup as well as the book we had brought from them when we started EA on our organization.  This presentation is all about ADM Phases their definition and objectives.

To give you an overview here are the ADM Phases:

Phase A: Architecture Vision
Phase B: Business Architecture
Phase C: Information Systems Architecture
Phase D: Technology Architecture
Phase E: Opportunities and Solution
Phase F: Migration Planning
Phase G: Implementation Governance
Phase H: Architecture Change Management
Requirements Management

As I am coming from a Software Development Background I always see the model as similar to the Phases on SDLC but only have different names and functions but on experience acts the same specially the iterative software development models.  To have a bit of detail on what I am referring to here are the slides.


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