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By | October 20, 2010

I think even its just once in a while its nice to add some non serious articles (still technically inclined) in a technical blog like this and I would want to start with this post.  This is regarding easter eggs you find in Google Products (at least the one that I know of).  Easter eggs as the name implies are not literal egss that you can find online but it a term for some funny or playful messages, multimedia, application behavior or jokes hidden inside Google or any other applications.  These are done by developers to put some fun when developing their applications, I used to do that with the applications that I had developed before.

Here is the list

Google search

Now lets start with Google search, everyone knows that Google is a really powerful engine but sometimes its not as serious as you think just try searching for the following terms

1. “recursion” – if you know the meaning if recursion then you will easily get this one. Did you mean: Recursion, Didnt I just typed that.

2. “ascii art” – Type this one and you will see Google’s logo as Ascii art. Make sure it all in lower case changing the case wont work.

3. “anagram” – Type this one and it will rearrange the word for you to read as “nag a ram”

4. “answer to life, the universe and everything” – It will fire up calculator and yeild you 42 as an answer.  Which is referenced from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

5. “number of horns on a unicorn” – It will fire up calculator and yeild, yes you guessed it right 1.

6. “once in a blue moon” – It will fire up a calculator which will yeild 1.16699016 × 10-8 hertz for an answer or if you convert that to years from seconds it will be roughly around 2.7 years

April Fools Day

I guess everybody practices or at least know what an April fools day it and here are some from Google. I even remember I was nearly fooled by that lunar datacentre.

1. Mentalplex – Search by Projecting mental image in your mind

2. Pigeon Rank – Pegions rank your websites.

3. Google Copernicus Center – Jobs and Data centre in the moon, I nearly applied for this one 🙂

4. Google Gulp – Drink that maximizes surfing efficiency.

5. Google Romance – Soulmate Search Engine

6. Gmail Paper – Google prints out emails for free cost including delivery.

7. Google TiSP – Free in-home wireless broadband service using your Toilet Bowl
Google Language Versions

Now you might have seen localized Google version like when you had your vacation in Switzerland and your Google defaulted to http://www.google.ch/ or even in Hong Kong which defautled to http://www.google.com.hk/, where Google is localized in their national language but there are some other funny languages that Google is available in.

1. Klingon – Trekkies change your homepage now!

2. Pig Latin – Awesomeway! ownay eythay antcay understandway emay ownay

3. Elmer Fudd – How about bugs bunny

4. Hacker – r3411y, +h15 i5 c00l

5. Pirate – Alright, “Slap me with a fish!” go t’ th’ next one

6. Swedish Chef – I dunt ifee knoo vhere-a thees ooreegineted


Now finally some games

1. Easter Bunny Catch –  You have to catch the eggs in order how Google is spelled and the proper colors.

2. Pacman – An actual working version of Pacman but with the walls spelled as Google.


If you know google reader, while in that site type the Contra cheat buttons : UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A, then you will see the ninja.

Now you know what google reader is it is nice if you can add my blogs into it.
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