Sorry, something went wrong error in Sharepoint 2013

By | October 10, 2013

You might have upgraded your Sharepoint to 2013, have this “Sorry, something went wrong error” and you don’t know whats causing it.  This was my issues several week ago when I migrated our Sharepoint.  I looked at the old version and it all works fine but on the new instance it does not work, I checked everything and compare with other sub sites still not luck.  What’s even worse is that this error happened to two of my most simplest site on my Sharepoint, no customizations or custom solutions at all.  What might be happening.

If it’s a sub site within a site collection that already had migrated successfully in the 15 hive then it would look like this.

Error on New Theme

But if it happens to a site collection which is still in the 14 hive then it would look like this.

Error on Old Theme

As I checked further, looking at the logs, mapping the correlation ID to log contents it seems that the Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.AspMenu.OnMenuItemDataBound was the culprit.

AspMenu Item Data Bound

But why? there is nothing wrong with my menu?  So I went back to the old Sharepoint and check the Navigation items, namely the Quick launch and the Top Link Bar.


Then I found this.


A blind link? will this be the reason? If that’s the case how do I fix it I can’t even go to the site, the site settings would not show. Well you can do it manually by going to SQL and look for all blind links you know like “http://#“.  To do that go to your Sharepoint SQL Server and on the WSS_Content Database look for [NavNodes] which keeps all the navigation links on your Sharepoint, you can join that then to [AllWebs] table to get the URL where the link is stored.  So your query should look something like this.

SELECT n.Url, n.Name, a.FullUrl, a.Title
FROM [WSS_Content].[dbo].[NavNodes] n
INNER JOIN  [WSS_Content].[dbo].[AllWebs] a on 
n.WebId =  where n.Url like '%#%'

What to do

From here I guess you can update it and figure out what new link to give it, then your site should run fine.

So in a nutshell it looks like Sharepoint 2013 dont like this blind links unlike Sharepoint 2010 where it accepts it as a value on creation.


3 thoughts on “Sorry, something went wrong error in Sharepoint 2013

  1. dave

    As odd as this sounds it worked to fix this for us…..

    I had imported calendars from sharepoint 2003 to sharepoint 2013.

    We had a reoccurring calendar appointment that would trigger in sharepoint 2013. The “Sorry, Something went wrong” Web Parts Maintenance Page: If you have permission you can use this page blah blah blah…. error would trigger for us on only the reoccurring appointments that were imported from SP 2003.

    We deleted the reoccurring appointment in the SP2013 calendar and restored it from the settings – site contents – recyclebin (user who deletes must do the restore) and for some odd reason all the appointments were now opening and all content was still there.

    Maybe this will help someone


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