How to remove “Revert to template” message in Sharepoint

By | August 4, 2014

Are you annoyed with this message “The current page has been customized from its template. Revert to template” you get from SharePoint when you had made some modifications on the html code behind? Have you ever wondered how to remove this, or keep it from showing?

01 Revert to template




Well you have several options and I will tel you know two of the easy ones.

First lets remove it by using the script editor web part. Lets identify first what is div id of this alert by right clicking on the text and choosing inspect element.

As you can see in this example it is called “DeltaPageStatusBar“. Now that you know the Id lets disable it using some CSS code.

07 Delta Page Status Bar

Go to you page where the message is visible then edit the page, on SharePoint tabs on top choose insert then under categories you will see Media and Content, choose script editor and add to any location on your page, this wont be seen anyways.

08 Script Method

Now that the web part is added, edit it then add this lines of code to hide the said div / message.

    #DeltaPageStatusBar { displaynone; }

So it should look like this

09 Script Method 2

Now if you want to do it from SharePoint Designer, follow the steps below.
Open SharePoint Designer and open the site page you want to fix. Look for the file and you will notice it will have a blue information icon beside it.

02 Blue Icon

You will also see the content type on the site, the type is the one triggering that message and once you modify it some identifiers for that type gets modified. Now we have to get rid of this type and one way of effectively doing is creating a new aspx page or ticking SharePoint that you created it on your own which you can do by Exporting the file that gives this message.

03 Export

Save it in your desktop, rename it then import it back.

04 Import

Once imported you will see there are no more blue information icon beside it and the content type now is blank.

06 No Blue Icon

Open this in your browser and the message is gone.


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