• Emojicode: The Playful Language of Developers
    In the world of programming, where precision and logical thinking rule the day, you wouldn’t typically expect emojis to play a significant role. But let me share with you an intriguing and somewhat whimsical aspect of coding – Emojicode. A Discovery in the World of Emojis It all started one day when my team’s chat went wild with a barrage… Read More »
  • Optimizing Your Splunk Dashboard for Speed: One Search, Multiple Visualizations
    As an enthusiast of efficient solutions, I often find myself seeking ways to streamline my processes. In the realm of data analysis and visualization, Splunk is a powerful tool, but it’s essential to harness its potential wisely. In this blog post, I’ll share how to create a more efficient Splunk dashboard by running one search query for multiple visualizations. The… Read More »
  • Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone: Moving from Windows, Azure, and C# to Open-Source Technologies like Java, Linux, and SpringBoot
    Moving from one technology stack to another can be a daunting task, especially when the new stack is vastly different from what you are used to. In my case, I had to make the switch from C#, .Net Core, jQuery, Windows, Azure, Azure DevOps to Java, SpringBoot, Linux, Openshift, Jenkins, and Bitbucket becuase of a job change, prior job was… Read More »
  • Controlling your Paradox MG5050 Security System Remotely
    Are you looking for a blog post about setting up and controlling your Paradox MG5050 Security System Remotely via an app or Browser? If so, you’re in the right place! There is an add-on device you can purchase online called Paradox IP150+ which is a communication module that allows you to remotely control (activate, decativate) and monitor (get reports, see… Read More »
  • 12 Reasons why ChatGPT won’t replace your jobs. Soon……….
    As many of you may know, ChatGPT is a large language model created by OpenAI that was first introduced in 2020. Since its debut, ChatGPT has been utilized in a wide range of applications, including generating text, answering questions, composing music, and even creating artwork. ChatGPT is part of a larger family of artificial intelligence known as generative language models.… Read More »
  • Easy and Simple Guide to Building a PC from Scratch
    On our last article we discussed the Budget Grunty PC Build under US$1500.00 but never showed you how it was built, so for today’s article we will explain how we built that PC and this will be a good guide for those who haven’t done one or haven’t done for a while as we will show step by step how… Read More »
  • Budget Grunty PC Build under US$1500.00
    Wow it has been a while since I posted, the last one was June 3, 2021 and that was more than a year now. Yes, my work has been affected by COVID being in a travel industry, it was heavily hit, even though I don’t want to leave the place I had too and it was really sad. I was… Read More »
  • Slow Outlook 365 when replying to a long threaded Email
    Did you notice that when you use the web version of Outlook 365 when you reply to a long-threaded email, every time you type it gets slower and slower. So slow to the point your computer crashes and gives up? Well you are not the only one, there are many companies all over the world that are complaining, and it… Read More »
  • Enter a valid URI Error on Logic Apps when using Graph API’s filter parameter with eq operator
    Ohh I havent published something here for a while, was quite busy during the peak of pandemic as we had do downsize our resources at the same time supporting the same amount of applications, add to that new projects on the pipeline.  During these time I heavily invested in migrating a lot to Azure in effort to reduce cost and… Read More »
  • Send OKTA Logs to Azure Event Hubs
    Have you ever wondered how to Send OKTA Logs to Azure Event Hubs? You might have a requirement from your security team so that they can easily audit these logs together with other systems and pushes into your SIEM?  I had tried using event hooks in OTKA but even if I had configured it correctly, it always give me an… Read More »
  • Easily Set Up Host Pools for Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure
    You might be investigating how to have a host pool in the cloud and wanted to move out of that Citrix, VMWare and Hyper-V Environments that’s why you where here, well its your lucky day because our article for today is how to Easily Set Up Host Pools for Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure and its really that simple, all… Read More »
  • How to deploy your web app in Windows Containers on Azure App Service
    With Containerization getting popular nowadays due to its capabilities of reducing issues with regards to deploying applications on different environments and streamlining your compute resources, it makes a lot of sense that you should containerize your applications whenever it is possible.  With containerization your application will be bundled together with all of its related configuration files, libraries and dependencies required… Read More »
  • How to Gain Approval then Schedule a Release in Azure DevOps
    Like me you might be running already some production websites in Azure but executes the CI/CD on demand, while this is already great on its own as you have Continuous Deployment working, what if you want to deploy automatically when approved on a certain schedule? For example you want to schedule it at night when your traffic is low, definitely… Read More »
  • Migrate AAD Connect Database to New SQL Database
    You might be wondering how to Migrate AAD Connect Database to New SQL Database, you might have searched Documentation from Microsoft but found none. I guess its not supported and what you need to do is install a new instance and run it in Staging Mode, I had tried this and it works really well but if this option is… Read More »
  • Exporting HyperV VM Information from Virtual Machine Manager
    Do you want to export all of your Virtual Machine information like CPU count, Memory and VHD sizes from your Hyper V environment and can’t find anywhere on your Virtual Machine Manager an option to do it? In Citrix Xen Center this is quite easy all you need to do is to go to the Pool Menu -> Export Resource… Read More »
  • How to easily Set Up CI/CD for your Azure DevOps Source Controlled Web Projects
    Ever wondered how to configure your Azure DevOps to do CI/CD that is triggered when you check in your Web Projects, well its quite easy as long as you already have set up your projects using Azure DevOps as its source control. This post is to demo to you in a few steps how this can be achieved, where a… Read More »
  • Using Role Authentication in your OKTA Authentication Enabled Web Application
    Yesterday we showed you how easy it is to add a simple authentication mechanism to your web application using OKTA but sometimes that is not enough specially when you want to have Role Based Authentication, you cannot just simply use the Authorize attribute and add Roles on it, that will just go on an endless loop of failed request. But… Read More »
  • Adding OKTA Authentication with your MVC Application is Easy
    OKTA is an amazing product, it enables authentication to your applications in a very easy manner, not much coding involved just some configuration. I had tried this personally and we are using it more and more in our organization having used Azure Active Directory and On Prem Active Directory this cloud service usability is between both but functionality is way… Read More »
  • Searching Azure Active Directory by CN from On-Premise AD
    I just want to share what I had done by solving the above scenario. Basically we use a lot of Active Directory Groups in the Organization I am working with, and with that Groups we use the Common Name (cn) as our Primary Identifier, now when we started to sync that into our Azure AD the Common Name attribute value… Read More »
  • How To : Add Image Preview on Kendo Upload
    Yes I am back, was quite busy for almost the whole year but yes I am still doing programming, a lot of it, in fact I was busy with two projects hence I haven’t posted for quite sometime. Today I will just post a simple How To that might be really helpful to some that are using the Kendo Upload.… Read More »