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A better 100% Kendo UI Grid Height

I know Kendo UI is a love and hate relationship, if things work it works it works wonderfully and if not you just sometimes want to smash your screen.  I’ve been using Kendo for quite sometime now and I love it because of their Grid which is really useful specially in my scenario, other controls for me… Read More »

TAB Delimited Export in SSRS

Ever wondered how do you export TAB delimited reports in SSRS? It’s quite easy as you can configure SSRS to export it using the CSV render inside the ReportingServices rendering engine of SQL server.  You can do that by updating the rsreportserver.config file which can be found in the following path C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS{YourSQLServerVersion}.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting… Read More »

Using Angular JS with your Current MVC Application

With the web getting more and more interactive JavaScript frameworks is becoming a must in every web project (unless you want to code it yourself). There are a lot to choose from like Ember, Knockout, Backbone, Agility, Kendo UI, etc and it’s all up to you whats the most compatible framework depending on your requirement,… Read More »