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Simple TSQL and C# Entity Generator for S#arp Architecture

Recently we started a big project which uses S#arp Architecture and for those who does not know what it is you can go to the site ( and have a read, but in a gist it is an open source architectural foundation that uses ASP.NET MVC framework with NHibernate.

Reparing Suspect SQL Database

I’m not a DBA but I have a real life experience repairing a suspect databases twice, I guess I can say that I am unlucky at that time as I was presented in a tough situation where I am still in the process of learning how things work and we don’t have a DBA resource… Read More »

Auditing events on SQL Server 2008

If you want to audit whats happening on your SQL Server then look no further as SQL Server 2008 have a built in function for that, so you can log all Queries like Select, Insert, Updates and Deletes perfromed on a cetain table easily, before you will be needing third party tools to do this… Read More »