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Migrate Team Foundation Server’s SQL Server to another SQL Server (same or new version)

Yesterday we migrated SharePoint’s SQL Server to a new instance today we will be migrating Team Foundation Server (TFS) SQL database to new SQL instance. In this example we are migrating it to a new version of SQL Server which is from SQL 2008 R2 to SQL 2012, this will also work on the same… Read More »

Moving a Sharepoint Sub Site to its own Site Collection in 3 easy steps

Moving a Sharepoint Sub Site to its own Site Collection why should I do that?  Well there might be a lot of reasons on doing this but for me its more handing over the Site collection Administration to the business which enables business owners to choose themes, manage security within the site collection, manage activated… Read More »

Step by Step Guide in Developing your own Workflow in Sharepoint 2010

Workflows are a real poweful tool built-in in Sharepoint since 2007 version as you can design it to add logic to your site or application without any custom coding!  This can be anything from automating business processes, sending notifications or even as simple as creating tasks.  There are a lot of possibilites which is only… Read More »