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Some Tips and Tricks that I might have encontered.

Changing displayed advertisements depending on device

Web browsing nowadays is not done solely on a desktop computer or laptop, which means devices like phones and tablets are to be considered specially when you do advertising to your site.  Most of the blogs have headers and the header banners are usually sized at 728 pixels wide meaning it wont show properly in… Read More »

Show SSRS Reports properly in Chrome and Safari

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of SSRS reports and as a Web Developer I test in different browsers which is a standard practice. Having Chrome as my main choice of browser I am annoyed every time I open SSRS Reports as they don’t show properly. I know the data is there as it gives me the correct page numbers and I can export them but why is it not showing on-screen?

Sorry, something went wrong error in Sharepoint 2013

You might have upgraded your Sharepoint to 2013, have this “Sorry, something went wrong error” and you don’t know whats causing it.  This was my issues several week ago when I migrated our Sharepoint.  I looked at the old version and it all works fine but on the new instance it does not work, I checked everything and compare… Read More »