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Anything regarding good tools that I might have used that helps me in developing applications

Scraping Website Data that needs you to log in

There are many ways to Scrape data out of a Website but have you thought of how to scrape Website data when you need to log in first? Well same thing, there are also different ways but we will be using the easiest way by using Selenium WebDriver API .NET in combination with ChromeDriver. Logging in… Read More »

Tools to make WMI Programming Easier

If you are doing WMI Programming like what I am doing now for a certain project I currently have, I highly recommend using this tool as defintely it will greatly increase your productivity.

Comparison Between different Data Integration Technologies

I was tasked to investigate infromation regarding different Data Integration Application that our company can use, we have a myriad of applications that are running around our enterprise which we need to synchronize data to and from different systems, from Sales Force, Solomon, SQL Server and even small CRM Applcations such as GoldMine and Raiser… Read More »