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Changing displayed advertisements depending on device

Web browsing nowadays is not done solely on a desktop computer or laptop, which means devices like phones and tablets are to be considered specially when you do advertising to your site.  Most of the blogs have headers and the header banners are usually sized at 728 pixels wide meaning it wont show properly in… Read More »

How to create Data driven report subscriptions in SQL Server Standard Version

I guess you are here because you are looking for a solution that will send your SSRS reports via email to a dynamic recipient list related to your data in your SSRS report.  In SQL Servers Business Intelligence and Enterprise Edition this feature is included but if you use a lower edition like Standard and… Read More »

Unobtrusive Client and Server Side Not Equal To Validation in MVC using Custom Data Annotations

Yesterday we discussed about Unobtrusive Client and Server Side Age Validation now let’s do a not equal to validator which is basically the opposite of the Compare validator.  So where can this be useful? If you don’t want two items to have the same value then this is your solution.  Lets say you don’t want… Read More »