HP Elite X3, a computer with a phone

Most phones nowadays are considered as a smartphones as they can perform tasks similar to what you can do in a full blown computer but is there a device that works the other way around? Meaning it’s a computer with a phone? Well don’t search for that device anymore because it is available and it… Read More »

Giving Correct Permissions to Workflow on Sharepoint

I am in the process of moving self hosted SharePoint to SharePoint online and a part of this exercise we are starting to use Project Online. I used the Project Portfolio many years ago and I love how it collaborates different MS Projects into one portal, sadly the product is obsolete and the newest iteration… Read More »

Changing User Principal Names in Bulk on Azure Active Directory

Now that you have successfully synchronized your local Active Directory to your Azure Active Directory you found out that you wrongly used a different UPN now how do you quickly fix the issue and change them in bulk.  Well its quite easy specially with Powershell you can do this in bulk, all you need is to… Read More »

Scraping Website Data that needs you to log in

There are many ways to Scrape data out of a Website but have you thought of how to scrape Website data when you need to log in first? Well same thing, there are also different ways but we will be using the easiest way by using Selenium WebDriver API .NET in combination with ChromeDriver. Logging in… Read More »

Trying out the Samsung Gear 360

You might be wondering what is this Samsung Gear 360 doing here in my dev blog, well first I just want to share my experience on being one of the first in New Zealand to try it out and second there is a big possibility that this device will be used in my future projects.

Easy Guide on how to use OAuth to Access Google APIs

Nearly a year ago Google already deprecated a most of its legacy API’s which means you cannot authenticate using the Google.GData.Client.Service and executing the setUsersCredentials method and simply indicating your user and password.  It was changed with OAuth making it more secure as it uses tokens and let the user actually log in to Google’s… Read More »

Arranging post components after "the_content()" on WordPress

You might be wondering how would you rearrange the plug-ins add-on from Jetpack and from other 3rd party developers like the Sharing, Likes, Related Posts, Navigation etc.  You had a look inside the code of single.php and page.php and most of these plugins are actually embedded on the the_content() as you can’t see it anywhere coded on these… Read More »