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Sharepoint Workflow does not trigger on e-mail created List Items

I was testing a while ago the workflow and list incoming e-mail combo and found out that by default it seems that workflows does not automatically start on e-mail-enabled lists.  To verify whether this happens in your sharepoint instance you need to go to Sharepoint Powershell which you can find here (make sure run it… Read More »

Step by Step Guide in Developing your own Workflow in Sharepoint 2010

Workflows are a real poweful tool built-in in Sharepoint since 2007 version as you can design it to add logic to your site or application without any custom coding!  This can be anything from automating business processes, sending notifications or even as simple as creating tasks.  There are a lot of possibilites which is only… Read More »

Displaying a SharePoint List from another team site in Sharepoint Foundation 2010

I remember I was using MOSS before and this is possible by using by connecting to another library like how it was disucssed in this blog http://sharepointgeorge.com/2009/display-sharepoint-list-site-data-view-web-part/, but now I had changed jobs and I am implementing the free version first which is the Sharepoint Foundation 2010 which have lesser functionalities than MOSS and one… Read More »