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How to call a .Net DLL form a VBScript

You might be wondering how do you call a .Net DLL from a VB Script, well look no further as I will explain to you steps by step how do you achieve on doing this. You might be wondering why do you want to do this? Why not just do everything on .Net or VBScript?

List the IIS Versions of your Webserver

This is in line with my post here as I am doing the Application Architecture Landscape for our Enterprise Architecture.  At one point I need to check what versions of IIS we are running in each server, so once again the easiest way for me is to just write a VBS Script to handle that. … Read More »

How to List all Websites in IIS

Its been a while since I had posted something that is because my Laptop gave up on me.  Anyways I’m back in action but still no laptop…  Anyways I was tasked to get to list all websites that we had on the organization as we are implementing an Enterprise Architecture tool which need to be… Read More »