Enabling and Disabling Claims Based Authentication in Sharepoint 2013

By | June 9, 2013

With the coming of new SharePoint 2013 you have to the option of using the Claims Based Authentication or the classic Windows but you might be wondering how do you change that setting.  Well you need to do it in SharePoint 2013 Management Shell and here is how its done.

To check the authentication provider you are using you have to go to SharePoint 2013 Central Administration -> Application Management -> Manage Web Applications.  Highlight your the SharePoint instance you want to check then click Authentication Providers.

1 Auth Providers

It will pop up a window which states your current Authentication Provider.

2 Claims Based

To change that you need to create a PowerShell script below

$SetClaimsBasedAuth = Get-SPWebApplication "http://YourSharepointServer"
$SetClaimsBasedAuth.UseClaimsAuthentication = $Enabled;

Save it in your drive as ChangeAuthentication.ps1 then run them like such

PS C:> ./ChangeAuthentication.ps1 0

Just change 0 or 1 parameter, 0 to use Windows and 1 to use Claims Based

4 Powershell Toggle

Now you just toggled the Authentication Provider

3 Windows Based


8 thoughts on “Enabling and Disabling Claims Based Authentication in Sharepoint 2013

  1. Jithendra

    But i can’t open Webapplication after Toggling from Claim’s to Classic, There are no Customization, No Extra Subsites , No Webparts, No Web.config Entries.
    What m i gonna do now.

  2. Jithendra

    It only says “Something Went Wrong” with somw nasty Corelation ID, i have gone through Logs but no relative entries their. Ofcourse i can switch it back but can’t we do this

      1. Jithendra

        Its a new SharePoint instance and i don have any migrated instance in Sp Farm.

  3. oliver

    Any update on this? i get the same error message and didn’t work until i restore to claims

    1. Jithendrakumar

      @oliver , I hav did some research on this, what i found is in SP2013 it’ll create webapp as claims by default…. if n oly if you are migrating Webapps from SP2010 to SP2013 you have to use above code to switch from classic to claims.

      yeah you can still create fresh classic instance in SP2013 using commands but switching back from claims to classic doesn’t work as expected.


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