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Emojicode: The Playful Language of Developers

In the world of programming, where precision and logical thinking rule the day, you wouldn’t typically expect emojis to play a significant role. But let me share with you an intriguing and somewhat whimsical aspect of coding – Emojicode. A Discovery in the World of Emojis It all started one day when my team’s chat… Read More »

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone: Moving from Windows, Azure, and C# to Open-Source Technologies like Java, Linux, and SpringBoot

Moving from one technology stack to another can be a daunting task, especially when the new stack is vastly different from what you are used to. In my case, I had to make the switch from C#, .Net Core, jQuery, Windows, Azure, Azure DevOps to Java, SpringBoot, Linux, Openshift, Jenkins, and Bitbucket becuase of a… Read More »

12 Reasons why ChatGPT won’t replace your jobs. Soon……….

As many of you may know, ChatGPT is a large language model created by OpenAI that was first introduced in 2020. Since its debut, ChatGPT has been utilized in a wide range of applications, including generating text, answering questions, composing music, and even creating artwork. ChatGPT is part of a larger family of artificial intelligence… Read More »

Easy and Simple Guide to Building a PC from Scratch

On our last article we discussed the Budget Grunty PC Build under US$1500.00 but never showed you how it was built, so for today’s article we will explain how we built that PC and this will be a good guide for those who haven’t done one or haven’t done for a while as we will… Read More »