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How to use AD Attributes not represented in UserPrincipal, GroupPrincipal and ComputerPrincipal

Using System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement comapred to just using System.DirectoryServices is way much simpler just look at these samples Active Directory and .NET 3.5/4.0 and Active Directory and .NET 2.0 clearly from those .NET3.5/4.0 is straightforward than the other but one thing is missing, exposing other attributes that are not represented in UserPrincipal, GroupPrincipal and ComputerPrincipal.

Send E-mail from Flash using .Net (in 5 easy steps)

Sending emails from Flash using .Net is really simple all you need is a Flash Interface that sends the request to an ASPX page.  Here are the things you need 1. And ASPX Page that accepts the request (in this sample lets call is EmailSender.aspx) 2. A Flash frontend for users to post their messages… Read More »