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Searching Azure Active Directory by CN from On-Premise AD

I just want to share what I had done by solving the above scenario. Basically we use a lot of Active Directory Groups in the Organization I am working with, and with that Groups we use the Common Name (cn) as our Primary Identifier, now when we started to sync that into our Azure AD… Read More »

Synchronize Active Directory Information with Sharepoint Foundation 2013 User Profiles

You might be wondering why should I do this when Sharepoint can do this already though User Profile Synchronization, well that is partly true because in Sharepoint Foundation 2013 and even on 2010 it is not available.  Having said that there will always be a way and that’s what are trying to achieve on this… Read More »

Everything in Active Directory via C#.Net 3.5 (Using System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement)

Before .Net managing Active Directory objects is a bit lengthy and you need a good knowledge on the principal store to have your head around on what you want to do.  We ususally use the System.DirectoryServices namespace but with .Net 3.5 they introduced System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement which is manages directory objects independent of the System.DirectoryServices namespace.