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Using Angular JS with your Current MVC Application

With the web getting more and more interactive JavaScript frameworks is becoming a must in every web project (unless you want to code it yourself). There are a lot to choose from like Ember, Knockout, Backbone, Agility, Kendo UI, etc and it’s all up to you whats the most compatible framework depending on your requirement,… Read More »

Show SSRS Reports properly in Chrome and Safari

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of SSRS reports and as a Web Developer I test in different browsers which is a standard practice. Having Chrome as my main choice of browser I am annoyed every time I open SSRS Reports as they don’t show properly. I know the data is there as it gives me the correct page numbers and I can export them but why is it not showing on-screen?

Using jQuery with Sharepoint 2010

Several days back I was asked a question in this blog relating to using JavaScript in a Sharepoint, it ended up with multiple questions and one was using jQuery in Sharepoint, as usual I searched my own blog for answers becuase that is one of my main reasons having this is to store information like this that I may need in the future, a reference for what I had done which I may be… Read More »