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An even better 100% Kendo UI Grid Height

Two days ago I posted this article called “A better 100% Kendo UI Grid Height“, well I found an even better solution after playing around with it.  Now instead of relying with the id’s header and contents we totally removed that attachment so you can name your divs what ever you want or just plug… Read More »

A better 100% Kendo UI Grid Height

I know Kendo UI is a love and hate relationship, if things work it works it works wonderfully and if not you just sometimes want to smash your screen.  I’ve been using Kendo for quite sometime now and I love it because of their Grid which is really useful specially in my scenario, other controls for me… Read More »

Enabling ASP.Net MVC client validation for Kendo UI components

You might have stumbled upon this page because you are getting crazy in trying out all sort of solutions to make the client validation work for your Kendo components such as DropDownListFor, DatePickerFor, ComboBoxFor, etc. You might have tried several suggestions you saw online like setting the validator defaults in your JavaScript like the samples below