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How to create Data driven report subscriptions in SQL Server Standard Version

I guess you are here because you are looking for a solution that will send your SSRS reports via email to a dynamic recipient list related to your data in your SSRS report.  In SQL Servers Business Intelligence and Enterprise Edition this feature is included but if you use a lower edition like Standard and… Read More »

How to Archive SharePoint List Items to SQL Server

You might have reached the threshold of a SharePoint List and you’re afraid to increase the limit as you might affect the performance of you server.  Now you are thinking of other solutions and one thing came to mind, why not archive the data? Well that is a good idea but how are you going… Read More »

Looping through Excel rows in SSIS and perform CRUD Instructions

SSIS is a really good tool for performing ETL Transactions but have you ever wondered whether you can use this tool to perform CRUD operations from a data source?  What if the datasource is from an Excel, this adds more complexity to the given problem, how would I loop through the rows of an Excel… Read More »