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Auditing events on SQL Server 2008

If you want to audit whats happening on your SQL Server then look no further as SQL Server 2008 have a built in function for that, so you can log all Queries like Select, Insert, Updates and Deletes perfromed on a cetain table easily, before you will be needing third party tools to do this… Read More »

Too much objects for SQL Object Explorer

This is the first time it occured to me looking at a message on the SQL Object Explorer which says “See Object Explorer Details for objects in this folder”.  My first reaction is WTF I am in Object Explorer Explorer already.  For you to know what I am talking about here is the screenshot.

Top 3 Free IIS Based Wiki

Have you ever wondered what are the top 3 IIS based Wiki Applications, well here is my list not sure if it will be you top 3 but this is mine. So what are my criteria?  It should be free, you can easily modify it (opensource), the backend database should be SQL Server and it… Read More »